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Become a Sub Broker

Start your sub-broking journey as a strategic partner with Dhan.

Come and partner with us if you:

🤝 Believe in Sustainable, Long-Term Partnerships

❤️ Want a Dependable & Reliable Platform

⚡ Like Modern, Lightning-fast Features & Offerings

⌚ Prefer to Save Time with Easy Referrals, Limited Paper-Work

Dhan Influencer Programme

Become a Sub Broker

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Benefits of Becoming a Sub Broker

We are building partnerships that are sustainable and long-term. Our program is built to make it work for you, a potential sub broking franchise.

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Includes All Exchanges + All Products + All Segments

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Lightning Fast KYC Experience, Completed in Minutes

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Support via All Channels - Phone, Email, Chat, Knowledge Base, Social

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110% Product & Technology Focus to Scale
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All Trading & Charting Tools Available, Many for the First Time

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Available on All Channels - Android, iOS, Desktop, APIs

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Leads Automatically Mapped to your Account, No Mismatch

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Continous Marketing Support Available

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Dedicated Sub Broker Dashboard

Track everything in one place with Dhan's dedicated dashboard for sub broker.

AP Dashboard
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Who can become a Sub Broker?

Help your community choose the right investment platform to become pro traders and investors.

Industry Veterans

Existing Sub Brokers

Being in this industry for long time, our product features will delight you and your friends. Come and partner with us to experience many industry first features!



Dhan is built to enable traders to better manage their positions. Partner with us and offer the Dhan experience to your fellow traders!



Dhan allows Informed decision making for investors. Partner with us and offer the Dhan experience to your fellow investors!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A sub-broker is an agent of a SEBI-registered stockbroker like Dhan who works for a commission. According to NSE, a sub-broker is someone who doesn’t trade themselves but executes trades on behalf of clients.

Those in the sub-broker business are also known as authorized partners. Think of a sub-broker in the stock market as someone who is tasked with:

  • Getting new clients on board on behalf of a stockbroker.
  • Executing trades on behalf of clients

Only a stockbroker can charge brokerage fees. That’s why sub-brokers are paid commissions through a profit-sharing model. That’s not all.

Opening a stock broking franchise also gives you access to the broker’s resources like the platform, trading APIs, and more. This can make your job as a sub-broker smooth and efficient.

A sub-broker's main job is to execute buy and sell trades for clients that will drive business for the stockbroker. That’s why a sub-broker is known to act as a bridge between the stockbroker and clients.

In exchange, a sub-broker will receive a commission that’s generally in the form of profit sharing. At the same time, a sub-broker can access the stockbroker’s resources ranging from their stock trading platform to features like APIs.

Becoming a sub-broker has monetary benefits along with ease of access. You get a commission in exchange for bringing new clients to the stockbroker and executing their trades.

Here are the benefits of becoming a sub-broker on Dhan:

  • Commission: Earn commissions in exchange for becoming a sub-broker.
  • Dashboard: View all your clients, trades, and more in one dashboard.
  • Features: Lightning-fast onboarding, trade directly from charts, and more.
  • Support: Continuous support across channels.

Ready to roll? Become a Sub Broker

These are the criteria for opening a sub-broker franchise in India:

  • Minimum age of 21+
  • Passed 12th standard (HSC) at least
  • Should hold a capital or derivatives markets certificate
  • Has at least 2 years of experience in the securities market
  • Does not have a default or active negative trade

You can become a sub-broker on Dhan by filling out this form. As a sub-broker, you'll have access to Dhan's lightning-fast features along with a dedicated dashboard for all clients and trades.