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Revenue, Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow

Income Statement

as of March 2022

Financial YearFY 2022-23FY 2021-22FY 2020-21FY 2018-19FY 2017-18
All Expenditure (Cr)2,959.392,411.691,891.131,488.941,472.47
Operating Profit (Cr)23.5631.2835.4628.5832.03
EBIDTA (Cr)186.20236.17261.94128.71144.77
Profit Before Tax (Cr)745.25909.48900.18514.27622.55
Tax (Cr)157.27196.80246.31127.30153.91
Net Income (Cr)3,815.523,539.843,066.572,133.062,199.14
EPS (Cr)46.5483.0175.2044.1252.98
DPS (Cr)

Balance Sheet

as of March 2022

Equities & Liabilities

Financial YearFY -FY 2021-22FY 2020-21FY 2019-20FY 2018-19
Share Capital (Cr)25.2717.1717.3917.5417.54
Reserves & Surplus (Cr)3,362.723,247.172,978.242,581.332,227.67
Current Liabiltiies (Cr)1,261.87767.82739.37635.24432.31
Other Liabilities (Cr)27.8323.4122.5219.7813.77
Total Liabilities (Cr)3,451.453,312.783,049.512,693.612,294.94


Financial YearFY -FY 2021-22FY 2020-21FY 2019-20FY 2018-19
Fixed Assets1,705.911,664.851,649.301,604.001,439.84
Current Assets1,184.111,455.351,172.81974.89747.06
Other Assets1,248.031,290.141,335.031,217.411,299.29
Total Assets26.0645.6251.7335.3030.31

Cash Flows

as of March 2022

Financial YearFY 2021-22FY 2020-21FY 2019-20FY 2018-19FY 2017-18
Operating Activities (Cr)562.04576.31456.77374.51281.12
Investing Activities (Cr)-74.10-282.38-224.41-222.78-256.11
Financing Activities (Cr)-460.04-318.29-128.63-147.46-0.20
Others (Cr)-30.08-14.318.59-24.50-10.64
Net Cash Flow (Cr)27.90-24.36103.734.2724.81

Frequently Asked Questions on Ajanta Pharma Share

Ajanta Pharma latest EBITDA stands at 186.20 for the financial year 2022-23, having previously been 186.202 during 2021-22. EBITDA is typically used to measure profitability instead of net income and other factors. You can view EBIDTA and other crucial financial data on Dhan Online Trading App and Web Trading Platform.

Ajanta Pharma EPS for the latest financial year stood at 46.54 compared to an EPS of 83.01 in the previous financial year. View EPS, P/E ratio, and other fundamental data to start investing in stocks on Dhan.

In the latest financial year gone by, Ajanta Pharma had a net income of 3,815.52 compared to a net income of 3,539.84 in the year before.

You can use Dhan App and Web to analyze financial statements and trade in . Dhan gives you access to all fundamentals, financials, corporate actions, and much more so that you can make informed trading decisions. Follow these steps to start:

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Ajanta Pharma Financial Statements Overview

Ajanta Pharma financial statements offers an overview of the company's Revenue, Income Statement, Balance Statement, Cash Flows and more. It helps to analyse the company's financial position and its revenue to profit trend. Ajanta Pharma reported a Net Income of Rs. 3,815.52 and an Operating Profit of Rs. 23.56 in the . The Total Liabilities stood at Rs. 3,451.45 in the last year. The Earning Per Share (EPS) and Dividend Per Share (DPS) stood at Rs. 46.54 and Rs. 0.00 respectively. While, analysing Financial Statements of a company is crucial, it is equally important to look at the Share Price, Stock Performance, Fundamental Analysis, Technicals and Similar Stocks Comparision. It gives a sense of whether the company is growing, stable or deteriorating.

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