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List of stocks listed on NSE and BSE

Nifty Pharma Stocks List

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List of stocks listed on NSE and BSE

Frequently Asked Questions

The NIFTY Pharma Index is designed to reflect the behavior and performance of the pharmaceutical sector in India.

Name Percentage Market Capitalization(in thousands Cr.)
Abbott India 2.52% 9.44
Alembic Pharma 2.54% 9.50
Alkem Laboratories 1.11% 4.15
Aurobindo Pharma 3.71% 13.88
Biocon Ltd 3.46% 12.93
Cipla Ltd 12.91% 48.20
Divi’s Laboratories 11.97% 44.71
Dr. Reddy's Lab 13.11% 48.94
Gland Pharma Ltd 3.66% 13.70
Glenmark Pharma Ltd 1.27% 4.76
Granules India Ltd 0.84% 3.14
Ipca Laboratories Ltd 3.17% 11.84
Laurus Laboratories Ltd 3.75% 14.03
Lupin Ltd 3.90% 14.59
NATCO Pharma ltd 1.55% 5.79
Pfizer Ltd 1.67% 6.25
Strides Pharma Ltd 0.46% 1.74
Sun Pharma Ltd 22.83% 85.23
Torrent Pharma Ltd 3.32% 12.43
Zydus Lifesciences Ltd. 2.26% 8.46
NIFTY PHARMA 100% 373.31

There are a total of 4 companies from the Nifty Pharma Index which are included in the Nifty 50 Index. Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Cipla Ltd, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd, Divi’s laboratories Ltd.
With this, the Indian Pharma sector holds 2.3% share in the Nifty 50 Index.

Indian pharmaceutical companies are better placed to harness opportunities as they are competitive globally and hold a sizable market share in most markets.
Pharma sector stocks are affected by other factors too that are :-

  1. Long-term opportunities in the US with increasing demand for speciality / generics and injectables.
  2. Emerging growth in the APIs this would be a key growth factor for the medium to long-term growth.
  3. Research and Development expenses in this industry is more than any other sector.
  4. Digitalisation of the health care sector has phenomenally revolutionized this industry.
  5. Government regulations - Over the decade, the demand for heavily marketed lifestyle drugs has increased consumer acceptance. There is massive demand for drugs that are claimed to enhance preventive approach and improve the quality of life.

Investing is the simplest way to set aside money while you are busy with life and have that money work for you. To invest in Nifty 50 stocks you need to -

  • Step 1- Choose a trusted broker
  • Step 2- Open an online demat account
  • Step 3- Allocate sufficient funds in your demat account
  • Step 4- There are 3 ways to invest in Nifty Pharma stocks :-
    1. Buy stocks in the same percentage as their weight in the Nifty Pharma Index.
    2. Buy any particular stock or group of stocks as per your analysis from Nifty Pharma Index.
    3. Buy / Sell the Index Futures of Nifty Pharma Index.
  • Step 5- Find your Entry price and exit price for better risk management, in case your analysis goes wrong.

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