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List of stocks listed on NSE and BSE

Nifty Bank Stocks List

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List of stocks listed on NSE and BSE

Frequently Asked Questions

The 12 most liquid and well capitalised stocks from the banking sector that are traded on the National Stock Exchange make up Bank Nifty (NSE). It offers market intermediaries and investors a benchmark that accurately reflects the capital market performance of the Indian banking industry.

Name Percentage Market Capitalization(in Cr.)
HDFC Bank Ltd 32.35% 5,71,430 Cr.
ICICI Bank Ltd 26.4% 4,66,430 Cr.
Kotak Mahindra Bank 13.78% 2,43,370 Cr.
Axis Bank Ltd 10.70% 1,88,980 Cr.
State Bank of India 9.52% 1,68,200 Cr.
IndusInd Bank Ltd 2.65% 46,790 Cr.
Bandhan Bank Ltd 1.45% 25,640 Cr.
Bank of Baroda Ltd 1.06% 18,730 Cr.
Federal Bank Ltd 0.97% 17,210 Cr.
IDFC First Bank Ltd 0.52% 9,120 Cr.
Punjab National Bank 0.50% 8,840 Cr.
AU Small Finance Bank Ltd 0.10% 1,750 Cr.
Nifty Bank 100% 17,66,490 Cr.

The free float market capitalization approach is used to calculate the NIFTY Bank Index.

It includes the biggest and most liquid Indian banking equities. Based on the companies' free-float market capitalisation, the final selection of 12 companies will be made.

The movement in Bank Nifty Index depends on the fundamental and technical factors:-

Fundamental Factors -

  1. Bond Yield Movement :-Bond prices decline and bond yields increase as a nation's macroeconomic conditions (CPI, GDP, trade balance, and fiscal deficit) deteriorate. Rising bond rates reduce bank treasury revenue, and vice versa, from the perspective of stock market investments.
  2. Quarterly result update of top 6 banks ( HDFC, ICICI, KOTAK, SBI, AXIS and IndusInd Bank ) :-To assess the market's overall trend on a quarterly basis, it is important to take into account for these banks variables such as Net interest income, core operating income, Net interest margin, asset quality improvement, Capital adequacy ratio, and CASA ratio.

Technical Factors -Basically, these are the derivative indicators which helps to understand the supply and demand of the Index in the market.

  1. High Call and Put option OI of the Index.
  2. High Call and Put option OI of HDFC, ICICI, KOTAK, SBI, Axis and IndusInd bank.
  3. EMA Levels 10,20,50,100 and 200.
  4. Index future OI and Price Movement on weekly and monthly basis.
  5. Options activity in HDFC, ICICI, KOTAK, Axis and IndusInd Banks.

Investing is the simplest way to set aside money while you are busy with life and have that money work for you. To invest in Nifty Bank stocks you need to -

  • Step 1: Choose a trusted broker
  • Step 2: Open an online demat account
  • Step 3: Allocate sufficient funds in your demat account
  • Step 4: There are 2 ways to invest in Nifty Bank stocks :-
    1. Buy stocks in same percentage as their weightage in Nifty Bank
    2. Buy any particular stock or group of stocks as per your analysis from Nifty Bank.
  • Step 5: Find your Entry price and exit price for better risk management, in case your analysis goes wrong.

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