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Pledge Benefit

Pledge Benefit

Get margin when you sell or buy options online for all segments!

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Trade options online wtih Bracket, Cover, Iceberg, and more!

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Manage Positions

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Advanced Option Chain


Analyze options with Greeks, OI, Volume, and more. Place orders directly from the Advanced Option Chain! Perfect for those who want data, efficiency, and quick order execution while trading online options!


TradingView Charts


Yes- you can trade options directly from TradingView charts with incredible features on Dhan. Access hundreds of indicators, drawing tools, and place instant orders from charts. Manage your positions from the same window for all segment options!


Flash Trade


Made for traders who want to buy options online during intense markets. Use Flash Trader to identify contracts based on your outlook. Track and choose from ATM, Highest Open Interest, and most traded contracts!


Options Greeks


View all important Greeks like Delta, Theta, Gamma, Vega, and Rho as well as their implications on PCR. Use this information to analyze the risk of each options contract and plan your trades efficiently.


All Types of Orders


Whether you're doing intraday options trading or delivery options trading, Dhan has all types of orders for your strategy. Trade options online with Bracket, Cover, Draft, Iceberg, or Stop Limit orders across all segments.


Pledge Margin Benefit

Have stocks in your portfolio? Pledge them on Dhan. You will get instant margin for options trading, be it buying or selling. This margin is applicable for all segments, including commodity and currecy options! Available on 1450+ stocks.


Basket Order


Add multiple calls or puts for the same scrip or different strategy in a Basket. Execute the order for all in one go! You can even use Basket Orders from the Advanced Option Chain or TradingView Charts on Dhan.


Real-Time Trades


Get a snapshot of the real-time traded quantity and traded price for every scrip. View this information by the second or choose broad timeframes like 1 minute, 5 minutes, or even 30 minutes for all segments, including stock options trading.

Trade Options Directly from TradingView Charts

For those who wish to trade options directly from the charts. Buy, sell, options on charts using Dhan's integration with TradingView! Add hundreds of free indicators, multiple drawing tools, and layouts to your charting strategies.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on your mind? Dont worry we have the answers!

Trading options has its own risks, and it's essential to follow the best practices if you want to be safe. The most important thing to do is choose a reputable and trusted option trading platform that is SEBI regulated, uses state-of-art measures to protect your data, and offers reliable customer support. If you're new to options trading, consider starting with small captial till the time you learn about all the aspects of option trading.

There is no minimum investment required to begin options trading as it depends on the type of contract and the premium. Options contracts are available in lot sizes which differ from stock to stock. So, you pay a premium for at least 1 lot if you wish to take the trade. In simple terms, the minimum investment required for buying an option contract would be the premium paid in addition to brokerage and other charges. While selling an option contract you would need to maintain margin money in your trading account as decided by the exchange.

Deciding whether options trading or stock trading is better totally depends on your financial goals, risk tolerance, and trading experience. Stock trading is more suitable for long-term investors or swing traders seeking for returns with less or moderate risk tolerance. On the other hand, options trading offers more potential for higher returns, but it requires a deeper understanding of the market and a higher tolerance for risk.

Trading options online offers several benefits, including:
  1. Income generation
  2. Profit potential in any market direction
  3. Time decay advantage for sellers
There's a lot more too, but what you need is a proper options trading platform like Dhan to ensure that you have enough risk management tools.
Whether it's delivery or intraday option trading, there are a few risks that you need to be aware of:
  1. Market-based risks: options are derivatives that are affected significantly by the movements of the market.
  2. Expiry: options decay as they approach their expiry date, which has the potential to erode the contract's value.
  3. Leverage: derivatives like options are highly leveraged instruments that can amplify both gains and losses.
Gauging these risks using technical indicators and managing them with tools like Trailing Stop Loss, Cover Order, Bracket Order, and more is essential. Lucky for you, all this and more is available on Dhan's online options trading platform!

It is possible to for options buyers and sellers to trade contracts with less money. You can pledge shares to get more margin when trading online options on Dhan. Pledge margin benefit is instant, which means as soon as you pledge your existing shares as collateral, a margin will be added to your online trading account.

Dhan is a SEBI regulated options trading platform that is compliant with all the rules and regulations laid out by regulatory bodies like SEBI and exchanges. Apart from following these rules, Dhan employs its own risk policies and safety measures to ensure that you as a user are protected at all times.

It takes just a few steps to start options trading on Dhan. These steps include:
  • Click on "Start Now" and Scan the QR to download the Dhan App
  • Or, you can Open Demat Account from your desktop in 3 easy steps - Add Mobile Number and Email ID to get verified.
  • Upload the necessary documents required for digital demat account opening.
  • Complete the E-sign.
This is how simple it is to open account on Dhan to trade options!

The fees and charges on Dhan are always transparent for all segments. For options trading, there is a ₹20 (or 0.03%) charge per order executed in any segment's options. You can view this and other charges before placing a trade on the Txn Estimator, and afterwards on your Contract Note.

Yes, Dhan gives you access to instant margin pledge benefit. This means you can pledge any of your existing stocks as collateral to get more margin for trading options online. The approved list of pledge stocks currently stands at 1450+ on Dhan.

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*All securities mentioned on this website are exemplary and not recommendatory.

We are bullish on India, we are bullish on India's prospects to be one of the largest economies in the world. We believe that the stock market provides a unique opportunity for all of India's traders and investors to participate in the growth story of the country.

Yet, most investing & trading platforms in India have remained more or less the same over the past decade. Times have changed and retail traders and investors have become smarter about managing their trades and money. Modern traders & investors require an online trading platform that helps them keep up with the technological advancements of our time.

That's why we're building Dhan - to help you trade, to help you invest, and to help you participate in India's growth stock via the stock market with awesome features and an incredible experience.

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