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NPS Calculator

NPS Calculator

Calculate how much you need to save or how much you will accumulate with our NPS return calculator.

Investment per Month
₹ 500
₹ 1,50,000
Expected Return Rate (p.a)
Your Age
18 yrs
60 yrs
Investment Amount
Maturity Value
Investment Amount
Maturity Value
Investment Amount
Estimated Profits
Total Value

What is NPS Calculator?

NPS calculator is a tool that allows an investor to get an estimate of the wealth gained, maturity amount of the entire investment, and monthly pension amount to be received. This amount is based on the contribution towards NPS, and tenure of investment.

The NPS calculator helps an investor estimate the amount to be invested to achieve the financial goals. The more the accumulated amount, the eventual benefit of the accumulated amount will be larger. The wealth gained is due to the power of compounding that makes NPS an attractive retirement wealth plan An investor needs to enter the monthly or yearly investment amount, current age (>= 18 years), and the withdrawal % on retirement.

Example – If an investor wants to invest Rs 50000 per year in a retirement scheme. But before investing the amount and opting for a specific retirement scheme he wants to evaluate NPS investment. He now wants to know the wealth that can be gained out of NPS investment. He must use Dhan's online NPS return calculator.

He must first decide whether he wants to invest monthly or invest the entire Rs 50000 yearly at once and the amount he wants to withdraw on maturity or retirement. Let’s say the investment type selected is yearly, the current age of the investor is 30 years, and withdrawal % of 40%. Here, the calculator will do the calculation and the results are as below:

Monthly pension- Rs 34,617
Wealth Gained- Rs 39,56,181
Withdrawal (on Retirement)- Rs 98,90,453

The calculator provides the estimation of monthly pension and wealth gained and does not assure or claim the values calculated. Since the NPS scheme involves the allocation of funds in equities based on the type of account selected, the actual returns may vary due to the % of the allocation to equities and the performance of the underlying assets and the market conditions.

Who can use the NPS Calculator?

The NPS calculator can be used by an individual who is eligible to invest in NPS. An investor who wants to invest in NPS and wants to get an estimate of wealth to be gained for a given investment amount can use the simple and easy to use NPS calculator

All Indian citizens over the age of 18 years but not more than 60 years are eligible to invest in the national pension scheme. All applicants to NPS are required to comply with the Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines and submit relevant documents of identity proof, address proof, bank account details, etc.

The more an investor invests in the NPS scheme, the more is the accumulated amount and larger is the retirement benefit out of the accumulated pension wealth due to the power of compounding which makes NPS attractive for the investors

How does NPS Calculator Works?

The national pension scheme online calculator asks an investor to input the following:

  • Select the investment type i.e. monthly or yearly
  • Once the investment type is selected, the monthly amount or yearly amount to be entered
  • The current age of an investor, which must be more than or equal to 18 years of age
  • The withdrawal % on retirement from the NPS account.
On the basis of the above details provided the calculator calculates the following:

  • Total amount invested and investment period
  • The wealth gained
  • The monthly pension post-retirement.

How to use the NPS Calculator?

You need to enter the below details to know the accumulated corpus amount and monthly pension amount on retirement.

  • Select the ‘Investment Type’, based on whether you want to invest monthly or yearly
  • Enter the amount to be invested every month or year
  • Your current age, this will help determine the tenure of investment given the retirement age to be 60 years of age
  • The calculator shows calculations based on NPS with the asset allocation between equity (50%), corporate bonds (30%) and government bonds (20%). The joint fixed income return of 7% earned from the maturity amount.
  • Enter the ‘Withdrawal % on Retirement’. This is the % of pension wealth invested in the annuity plan. The percentage of the accumulated corpus you will use to buy a pension plan.
  • The withdrawal cannot be greater than 60% and the investment in the annuity plan cannot be less than 40%. If you withdraw before 60 years of age, it cannot be below 80%

Based on the above details entered the calculator will provide an estimate of the following:

  • Wealth gained
  • Monthly pension
  • Total corpus created
  • Withdrawal on retirement

How does the NPS works and benefits of NPS?

For a better understanding let us look at an investors investment lifecycle in 2 stages i.e. accumulation stage and retirement stage.


During the accumulation stage an investor accumulates funds and builds a corpus by investing in the NPS scheme, the scheme in turn invests in a mix of assets which provides wealth appreciation and returns.

The amount invested is pooled together into a pension fund. This pension fund is managed and invested by professional fund managers in diversified portfolios consisting of equities, government bonds, treasury bills, debt instruments. The portfolios grow and accumulate over the years and create a corpus for the investors depending.

The entire process of portfolio management is regulated by the PFRDA and the fund managers must comply with the approved investment guidelines.

In NPS, an investor can invest either in Auto choice or Active choice. In auto choice, the allocation of funds is based on a formula dependent on the investor’s age. In active choice, the allocation can be determined by the investor, but equity allocation is capped here.

While you accumulate money for NPS, financial world has become very complex with the rising cost of inflation and multiple investment options. Setting clear financial goals can lead you to early financial freedom. Here are 10 personal finance lessons that will help you enable your goals without difficulty.


During the retirement stage, the investor wants to secure his earnings post-retirement. NPS provides a source of income. Here, the size of the retirement benefit depends on the corpus created in the accumulation stage.

Upon retirement, 60% of the accumulated corpus can be withdrawn in a lump sum or in installments. The remaining 40% of the corpus must be spent to purchase annuity plans.

Although, National Pension Scheme is one of the most preferred way of saving money for retirement, it is equally important to consider time and inflation rate. Exploring other investment products like Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs might help to outperform inflation and accumulate huge corpus. Here is how you can achieve financial freedom before retirement.
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