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Safety & Security

Safety & Security

At Dhan, safety and security of your account is our top priority.

Safety & Security

Here are Dos & Don'ts for you to have a great experience on Dhan.

Do's for Dhan Account

Always keep your device (mobile, laptop or any device used to access Dhan) password protected.

Regularly update your Dhan account password

Regularly check all your transaction statements, account statements and portfolio holdings on Dhan.

Use an antivirus protection for your device

Reach out to our customer support at Dhan immediately if you find any discrepancy in your transactions or portfolio holdings.

Select a nominee on Dhan for easy transfer of investments in the event of demise of an investor

Dont's for Dhan Account

Dont's for Dhan Account

Do not share your Dhan account details with anyone on the phone or the internet or any person even if she or he claims to be from Dhan.

Never respond to phone, SMS or mail communication containing investment advice and tips. Dhan will never share such communication with you.

Do not share important information such as Login, OTP, Transaction IDs, KIN Number, Demat ID, etc with anyone via phone or on the internet.

Never respond to phone or SMS communication asking for your personal information for account opening on Dhan.

Do not share private information like card details, bank account login details etc. via chat, on the internet or on paper or with anyone.

If you receive any such suspicious communication, please bring it to our notice at help@dhan.co