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Technical Analysis

Moving Averages:


Indicator Simple Signal
5 - SMA 124.32 Bearish
10 - SMA 125.36 Bearish
20 - SMA 125.59 Bearish
50 - SMA 126.18 Bearish
100 - SMA 124.48 Bearish

Moving Averages:


Indicator Simple Signal
5 - EMA 124.14 Bearish
10 - EMA 124.84 Bearish
20 - EMA 125.19 Bearish
50 - EMA 125.22 Bearish
100 - EMA 124.60 Bearish

Technical Indicators

Indicator Value Action
RSI (14) 43.95 Neutral
STOCH (9,6) 0.00 Neutral
STOCHRSI (14) 0.00 Neutral
MACD (12,26) -0.35 Oversold
ADX (14) 17.11 No trend
CCI (14) -97.98 Neutral
UO 34.69 Oversold
ROC -4.73 Downtrend
WilliamsR -91.83 Oversold

Frequently Asked Questions on Bharat Gears Share

If you look at the 5 SMA of Bharat Gears, the outlook is Bearish while RSI (14) suggests that the stock is Neutral. On Dhan, you can view trade with these and several other technical indicators for free, including the MACD (12,26) which indicates that Bharat Gears is Oversold.

As far as the 50-SMA Classic Moving Average is concerned, Bharat Gears share price is currently Bearish while the 50-EMA Exponential Moving Average indicates that the stock price is Bearish. View real-time moving averages and pre-built indicators to trade from TradingView charts ( for free on Dhan!

While the right technical indicator for you would be based on your trading strategy, popular ones used around the global markets include:

  • MACD
  • RSI
  • Moving Averages
  • Stochastic RSI
  • ADX

These are just some of the indicators that you can trade with on Dhan. For more technical information, open a free online Demat and Trading Account now!

You can use the Dhan Share Market App or Web Trading Platform to start technical analysis and trade Bharat Gears stocks. In fact, it just takes minutes - you need to open demat and trading account online and navigate to Bharat Gears on charts.

You select an indicator of your choice to do technical analysis. Once you’re confident about trading, choose from several types of orders and place one directly from the charts. It’s that easy!

Bharat Gears Technical Analysis Overview

Bharat Gears Technical Analysis offers an overview of the Technical Indicators, Classic Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average and more. It helps to analyse the price trends, patterns and trading signals. On Classic Moving Average Scale Bharat Gears shows a 125.59 for 20 - DMA, 126.18 for 50-DMA and 124.48 for 100-DMA. On Exponential Moving Average Scale Bharat Gears shows a 125.19 for 20 - DMA, 125.22 for 50-DMA and 124.60 for 100-DMA. While understanding and analysing Technicals of a company is crucial, it is equally important to look at the Share Price, Stock Performance, Fundamental Analysis, Financial Statements and Similar Stocks Comparision. It gives a sense of whether the company is growing, stable or deteriorating.

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