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Company Fundamentals

Company Fundamentals

Company Valuation

Market Cap (Rs Cr.) mrk_cap
Book Value (Rs) book_value
Face Value (Rs) face_value
P/E ratio pe_ratio
Dividend Yield dividend_yeild %

Ownership & Shareholding

Company Ownership

Domestic Instituitional Investors
Foreign Instituitional Investors

Shareholding Pattern

Held byMar-2023Dec-2022Sept-2022Jun-2022Jun-2022
Promoters74.83 %74.83 %74.83 %74.83 %74.83 %
Non-Promoters1.14 %1.16 %1.11 %1.23 %1.27 %
Government0.02 %0.02 %0.02 %0.02 %0.02 %
Domestic Instituitions0.15 %0.15 %0.17 %0.17 %0.17 %
Foreign Instituitions0.96 %1.02 %1.08 %1.09 %1.09 %
Others22.90 %22.83 %22.80 %22.67 %22.62 %


Sector Textiles
Sub Sector -
Company Classification Smallcap

Exchange Scrips

BSE sec_id
NSE sec_id
ISIN INE974B01016

Stock Part of Following Indices

Name Current Value Change Change % Open High Low Prev Close
SMLCAP 30,014.82 147.84 0.49% 30,040.40 30,190.63 30,039.45 30,014.82
ALLCAP 7,121.69 62.98 0.88% 7,128.25 7,188.49 7,128.17 7,121.69

Frequently Asked Questions on Cheviot Share

Cheviot share has a market capitalization of mrk_cap as of today. The share is trading at and has moved by -7.27% in the last year, 101.98% in the last 3 years, and 23.81% in the last 5 years.

Cheviot has a P/E ratio of pe_ratio as of today. You can check the latest P/E ratio of Cheviot and all other listed stocks on Dhan. Open a demat account now!

The ownership stake of Cheviot is split as follows:

  • DIIs:
  • FIIs:
  • Promoters:
  • Non-Promoters:

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Cheviot Fundamental Analysis Overview

Cheviot Fundamental Analysis offers an overview of the company's Market Capitalization, Book Value, P/E Ratio, Dividend Yield and more. It helps to analyse the company's fundamental position and its current shareholding pattern and historical shareholding movement. Presently, the current market cap of Cheviot is Rs. mrk_cap. The Face Value and Book Value per share are Rs. face_value and Rs. book_value respectively. Current P/E ratio of Cheviot stands at pe_ratio. The promoters holding in the company stands at , while Domestic Institutions stand at 00.00% and Foreign Institutions hold 00.00. While understanding and analysing Fundamentals of a company is very crucial, it is equally important to look at the Share Price, Stock Performance, Financial Statements, Technical Analysis and Similar Stocks Comparision. It gives a sense of whether the company is growing, stable or deteriorating.

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