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ABM Knowledgeware Share Price Insights

ABM Knowledgeware share price as of last closing was 98.00 on . As on date, the market capitalization of the company is Rs. 208.62 Crores and the book value of the same is Rs 104.82 Crores. As per NSE data, in last traded details the quantity of shares traded for ABM Knowledgeware were 2,927. For the last 1 year period, ABM Knowledgeware share price saw 1-year high of 127.80 and 1-year low of 73.00. If you would have invested in ABM Knowledgeware share,... based on its share price your 1-year return on same would be 24.61%, on a 3-year investment period the return would be 130.24% and on a 5 year investment period the return would be 14.11%. In the financial year 2021-22, ABM Knowledgeware registered a net income of 99.52 Cr. The company’s EPS stood at 7.16 while P/E Ratio stood at 16.20. While, analysing Share Price of a company is crucial, it is equally important to look at the Stock Performance, Fundamental Analysis, Financial Statements, Technical Analysis and Similar Stocks Comparision. It gives a sense of whether the company is growing, stable or deteriorating.

Stock Performance

Stock Performance

Markets Today

High 105.45
Open at 99.00
Volumes 296
Lower Circuit 2100.00
Low 97.50
Prev Close 98.00
Avg Price 2205.85
Upper Circuit 2400.00

Last Traded Details

Quantity 92,923
Time 13:46:05

Historical Performance

1-Year High 127.80
3-Year High 152.40
5-Year High 152.40
1-Year Low 73.00
3-Year Low 43.20
5-Year Low 28.55

1-Year Performance Indicator



Loss42.15% down side
Profit up side 25.09%

ABM Knowledgeware Fundamentals

Company Valuation

Market Cap (₹ Cr.) 208.62
Book Value (₹) 104.82
Face Value (₹) 5.00
P/E ratio 16.20
Dividend Yield 1.2 %

Company Financials

Income Statements

Financial YearFY 2021-22FY 2020-21FY 2019-20FY 2018-19FY 2017-18
All Expenditure (Cr)78.5663.1754.3141.0244.09
Operating Profit (Cr)19.0830.4626.8434.3828.15
EBIDTA (Cr)3.543.829.734.780.00
Profit Before Tax (Cr)18.1328.6420.7522.1718.83
Tax (Cr)
Net Income (Cr)99.5294.2689.2865.1776.22
EPS (Cr)7.169.777.637.657.02
DPS (Cr)

ABM Knowledgeware Investment Returns

In Short term

In Long term

1 Week 9.59%
1 Month 22.85%
3 Months 26.70%
6 Months 0.53%
9 Months -10.59%
1 Year 24.61%
2 Years -23.92%
3 Years 130.24%
4 Years 96.98%
5 Years 14.11%

Frequently Asked Questions on ABM Knowledgeware Share

ABM Knowledgeware share price as of today is Rs. . The company has a market capitalization of Rs. 208.62 with a P/E ratio of 16.20. Over the past 1 year, ABM Knowledgeware’s share price has moved by 24.61% while the 5-year performance of the stock stands at 14.11%. You’d also be interested to know that ABM Knowledgeware's share price has a 1-year low of ₹ 73.00 and a 1-year high of ₹ 127.80.

The ABM Knowledgeware share hit a 1-year low of Rs. 73.00 and a 1-year high of Rs. 127.80. The current market capitalization of ABM Knowledgeware is Rs. 208.62. While past performance does not guarantee future performance, the past 1-year return of ABM Knowledgeware share was 24.61% while the 5-year return was 14.11%.

ABM Knowledgeware share price has moved by 24.61% in the past 1 year. During the same time, the stock hit a 1-year high of Rs. 127.80 and a 1-year low of Rs. 73.00. As far as the long-term trend is concerned, the 5-year performance of ABM Knowledgeware share stands at 14.11%

ABM Knowledgeware has a market capitalization of Rs. 208.62 as of today, while the share price stands at . The market cap has moved by 24.61% in the past year and 14.11% in the past 5 years.

As a stock investor, you’d be interested in knowing that ABM Knowledgeware share price has a P/E ratio of 16.20 as of today. Along with the P/E ratio, the book value of ABM Knowledgeware’s stock is Rs. 104.82

Domestic Institutional Investors (DIIs) have a share in ABM Knowledgeware whereas Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) hold . The split between DIIs and FIIs is a crucial metric that stock investors track to gauge the market sentiment around the stock. The company’s promoters own of ABM Knowledgeware while non-promoters have a stake.

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