INE040A01034 hdfc-bank-ltd 'HDFC Bank' '1518.75'

HDFC Bank Stock Performance


1518.75 00.00 (1.04%) Profit

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Stock Performance

Stock Performance

Markets Today

High 1516.00
Open at 1516.00
Volumes 13545
Lower Circuit 2100.00
Low 1482.00
Prev Close 1518.75
Avg Price 2205.85
Upper Circuit 2400.00

Last Traded Details

Quantity 92,923
Time 13:46:05

Historical Performance

1-Year High 1724.30
3-Year High 1724.30
5-Year High 1724.30
1-Year Low 1271.75
3-Year Low 738.90
5-Year Low 738.90

1-Year Performance Indicator



Loss42.15% down side
Profit up side 25.09%

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HDFC Bank Stock Performance Overview

HDFC Bank stock performance as of last closing was at 1518.75 on . The share traded at an average price of 00.00 with 3385 traded volumes. As on date, HDFC Bank hit an upper circuit at 00.00 and a lower circuit at 00.00. For the last 1 year period, HDFC Bank stock performance saw 1-year high of 1724.30 and 1-year low of 1271.75. With reference to 1-year performance indicator the stock saw an upside of and a down side of 00.00. While, analysing Stock Performance of a company is crucial, it is equally important to look at the Share Price, Fundamental Analysis, Financial Statements, Technical Analysis and Similar Stocks Comparision. It gives a sense of whether the company is growing, stable or deteriorating.

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